Lochac Guild of Tailors

It is our aim to encourage research into, and practice of, pre-1600 methods and skills in the construction of garments and accessories from the SCA period (pre 17th century), and to pass on the knowledge to all who wish to learn.

All are welcome to participate as much or as little as they desire, and all will be treated equally with dignity and respect.

Whatever your skill level and wherever in time and locale your costuming interests lie, we hope you find the Guild to be a place of encouragement and support, teaching and learning.
We are currently rebuilding the guild to better serve our populace as communications have changed dramatically in the last few years. At this stage we are discussing the guild on Facebook as Lochac Tailor's Guild.
All pages on this site are archived, as are our older email lists, this is to preserve our past while going forward.
Our original ordinances may be found here: Ordinances Our current list of guild administration and officers can be found here: Officers Our current contacts are for Meesteres Willemyne van Nymegen and through our facebook group Lochac Tailor's GUild (membership is not restricted and members can approve requests)


With thanks to Bella Lucia da Verona (mka Anabella Wake), for creating and maintaining this site for out first years.
Site currently maintained by Meesteres Willemyne van Nymegen.